Higher Quality Regrinds


In a time when the price of raw materials is constantly increasing one way to reduce tooling cost is to resharpen used carbide tools.  Most machine shops have tried using refurbished tools and have had a negative result.  A common complaint may be “My regrinds chatter and they do not perform like new tools.”


With poorly reground tools chatter can be introduced to the work piece causing poor surface finishes and diminished tool life.  Chatter marks are the direct result of a tool that is cutting improperly due to incorrectly applied geometries.  Tools that perform like this will chip out and possibly fracture in way that is hard to predict.  These chatter marks are even more noticeable in demanding applications that require large diameter endmills.  



Chatter marks left on workpiece by a Low Quality Regrind



The difference between a tool that cuts smoothly and a tool that chatters is very small. STARBUCX TOOLS has developed specialized processes to ensure that your tools perform “like new.”  The picture below demonstrates the high quality surface finish produced by a STARBUCX Regrind.


Excellent surface finish produced by a STARBUCX Regrind


We employ these advanced processes on every tool that leaves our grinding facility. Contact our staff and test the expertise of our tool grinders!


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