STARBUCX TOOLS is WISC's private label for cutting tools.  Within this brand we can manufacture application specific tooling.  We can also provide modifications and refurbishment of Solid Carbide cutting tools. 


To support STARBUCX TOOLS we opened a grinding facility with state of the art CNC equipment.  This gives us the ability to respond quickly to our customer's needs.


STARBUCX TOOLS uses the most advanced carbide substrates that are currently available.  All of our tools are finished by using the newest coating technologies.  And we employ advanced techniques in cutting edge preparation


Two issues that customers will consistently face when purchasing round tools is Turn Over Time and Quality.


STARBUCX TOOLS maintains a two week turn over time for standard orders and we have the capability to return rush orders on the same day.


WISC's experience as a distributor has given us added strengths as tool grinders.  We have a direct link to the engineering teams of some of the largest cutting tool manufactures.  This has allowed us to produce higher quality tools and regrinds.


Click the link below for examples of the tools we can produce.  Also click the link below to see STARBUCX's special grinds for chatter free machining.




Higher Quality Regrinds