Products and Services


WISC specializes in the distribution of indexable and solid carbide cutting tools. 


The product lines that we represent are recognized on a global basis.  The technologies that we bring to our customers are used by manufacturers worldwide.  Our product knowledge will help you manufacture products as efficiently as possible.  We intend to bring you the latest advancements in carbide substrates, coating technology and cutting tool geometry.


Distributors that are not specialized will not have high product knowledge!  This means that the latest advancements in cutting tool technology will go unnoticed by your company.  If high product knowledge is not present, it is more difficult to apply these new technologies successfully.  This problem can be worsened by distributors that carry a large number of product lines.  WISC's specialization in the cutting tool industry will help increase your company's overall efficieny.


WISC purchases large volumes of tooling because we have focused our company on carbide cutting tools.  This allows us to present you with tooling at the lowest price possible.  We remain competitive by providing special pricing and by stocking high volumes of tools that are used frequently.   


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We function primarily as a distributor but we also have the ability to grind tooling specialized for your applications.  Click here for more information.