WIDIA has released their Master Catalog for 2022. In this update you will see all of WIDIA's New Products for 2022 as well as all of their Updated and Current Product Lines. This is a Complete Lineup for all of WIDIA's Latest Cutting Tools for High Production and General purpose Job Shop Machining Applications; with many updates to their Indexable Milling Portfolio, New Additions to the High Performance and General Purpose Endmills lines from HANITA, New geometries for the TDMX and TCF Drills, New grades and geometries for the WIDIA VICTORY Turning Inserts and much much more. Please download this catalog and Call WISC for any questions you may have about these market leading cutting tools.
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WIDIA has just released the latest advancements in cutting tool technology with major updates to their high performance endmills. The WIDIA HANITA VARIMILL XTREME has set new standards for increased tool life at even higher metal removal rates. These endmills are truly revolutionary in every way for high production machining applications. HANITA has used some of that same technology from the VARIMILL XTREME to make improvements for their new endmills for non ferrous applications called the HANITA ALUFLASH. Updates to the WIDIA TDMX drills, now supported with material specific drill points for Stainless Steel. And new holder configurations for the WIDIA WGC coolant through grooving and cutoff tools. The best is just getting better!
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New updates from WIDIA 2020 include: More options and radiuses are available for the for the VSM890 cutters. New VSM Helical Mills with the 11mm inserts and the 17mm inserts. Expansion for the VXF Indexable High Feed cutters now with 4 different insert sizes.

The WGC coolant through grooving and cutoff system is now available with precision ground inserts and additional grades for machining difficult materials.

The TDMX drills are now available with additional drilling depths and also an additional drill point for tough applications

New sizes available for the most reliable endmills in the market place, HANITA VARIMILL now offered in more radiuses and more neck backed varieties

Updates for machining Cast material. WIDIA now offers a WK15CT grade for finishing to rough machining
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This catalog contains all of the tool holders available from WIDIA. Selections include KM Quick Change, HSK, CAT, BT, DV, QC, R8, Straight Shank. and various collets and sleeves.
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Looking for an affordable option to use in heavy duty rough milling for all types of materials such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron?  Meet the new WIDIA M8065HD face mills.  This tool features 8 cutting edges on a double sided insert with maximum DOC capability.  High Metal Removal Rates are possible due to this cutter's advanced insert geometry.  If you have a lot of material to remove, let us know and we will test this cutter with you today!






HANITA has created a new high performance endmill for machining non ferrous materials like aluminum.  It is called the ALUFLASH endmill series and it has been designed to replace the ALUSURF series from the past.  2 and 3 flute geometries are available with sharp and radius corners.  Some of the advanced techniques used to make the HANITA VARIMILL XTREME endmills have been applied to these tools allowing them to take heavier cuts with more rigidity and less heat generated.  If you are cutting aluminum, these are your 1st choice for high performance tooling



WIDIA M1600 Face Mills


The M1600 face mills for medium roughing and semi finishing is built to thrive in a variety of machine conditions, including low power machines, and weak, non rigid setups.  It features a smart insert desing with 16 cutting edges with 3 proven grades for multiple materials  






When others thought it was impossible, the WIDIA HANITA team set out to make the next generation of high performance endmills.  The HANITA VARIMILL XTREME is the most capable endmill in the market today with stated slotting passes at 1.25XD.  But in testing we have seen this tool reliably take 2XD slotting passes in high alloy steel with ease!  If maximum depth of cut is not your goal then lets talk about tool life.  Due to the advanced geometry of this tool it cuts with much less heat than a standard endmill.  Meaning that tool life can increase significantly in your production applications even at higher speeds and feeds!  See the amazing capabilities of the VARIMILL XTREME endmills here.






The HANITA VARIMILL has been the market leader for 4 flute endmills since its introduction over 20 years ago.  Since that time, HANITA has made small improvements to keep this product on the leading edge of performance.  Today the HANITA VARIMILL is still leading its competitors with extreme reliability and high performance combined with competitive pricing.  This is the endmill that you can run your entire shop on.  See the performance in this updated video below





WIDIA HANITA has released an entire series of tools designed specifically for dynamic and trochoidal milling paths using chip thinning technology.  See these VARIMILL III (7V1E and 7V2E Series) fly through Stainless Steel effortlessly! See October 2014 videos for the start of this exciting technology.



WIDIA VXF High Feed Indexable Milling Cutters


The WIDIA VXF cutters are setting new standards for high feed milling!  High Metal Removal Rates with Low Cutting Forces.  This is the perfect tool for all of your mold and die applications.  The VXF comes in 4 different insert sizes with cutters ranging from 5/8 to 5 inch diameter, metric cutter bodies are available as well.  






WIDIA WGC Coolant Through Grooving and Cutoff System


The new  WIDIA WGC coolant through grooving and cutoff tools help address a major problem for manufacturers: Chip Control.  By having high pressure coolant focused directly at the cutting edge you can achieve better chip control, longer tool life, and better accuracy.  Watch the WGC system in action (video shown running dry)




WIDIA VSM890: 90 Degree Indexable Mills with 8 cutting edges


Superior Metal Removal Rates (MRR) delivered through high performance grades and chipbreakers. Coarse, medium, and fine pitch cutter density to perfectly translate machining capability into higher productivity. New pocket seat design for improved insert seating and great stability in roughing applications. Applicable in a wide range of workpiece materials: aluminum, steel, cast iron, titanium, stainless steel, and high-temp alloys. Comprehensive standard offering for cutter bodies and inserts to address light machining to heavy roughing jobs.




WIDIA VSM890 Update


New application highlighting floor finish and wall finish with the WIDIA VSM890 cutters



WIDIA TDMX: New Modular Drilling Platform 


The new WIDIA TDMX solid carbide tipped modular drills have risen to the next level of performance and reliability for this style of tool.  A number of unique features have been engineered to optimize perfomance in a wide range of materials and for a wide range of machines.  Call WISC to try these drills today! 




New Lengths available.  Now 1.5, 3, 5, 8, and 12XD L/D ratios.  Also a new drill point with flat bottom profile for deep hole drilling applications.  





The WIDIA TDMX Drill has been tested in many unstable drilling condtions such as cross hole drilling and other tough applications



WIDIA M1200: The best facemill in the industry


The WIDIA M1200 facemills have been leaders for many years.  Now with new grades of carbide and innovative new coatings, the M1200 is reaching higher levels of productivity.  Check it out!





This is WIDIA's premium drill for difficult holemaking applications.  The TDS PLUS is available in 3, 5, 8, and 12XD.  See this video of the 12XD Drill in action in Stainless Steel




WIDIA GTD Aerospace Taps


The New Advances 2019 Aerospace Fastener Tap (VT-AFT) from WIDIA is specially designed to tap the hardest materials in aerospace applications.




WIDIA DUO LOCK    Modular Endmills


As the price of raw materials continue to rise, solutions like modular tipped tooling will become more widely used.  WIDIA has developed a superior mating system for their modular endmills called DUO LOCK.  This systems gives this product clear advantages over the competition.  Please review this video to see how well these tools perform versus the "other guys."  






New General Purpose endmills from WIDIA called the HANITA VARIMILL GP.  These tools are perfect for jobs shops who manufacture small batch sizes of parts and are looking for a low cost reliable endmill to use on their applications.  Sizes start at 1/64 and go up to 1 inch diameter: 2, 3 and 4 flute geometries available. 



WIDIA Top Cut Four Indexable Drills


WIDIA has released their new lineup of indexable drilling products.  Please review this video link to see the advanced capabilities of the TCF drill.  Unbeatable performance, low cost per edge, and a high level of reliability set this tool apart from the competition



WIDIA VSM490 Shoulder Mills


WIDIA has released their first 90 degree shoulder mill with double sided 15mm inserts.  The advanced geometry on this insert provides low cutting forces and low cost per cutting edge.  This is the perfect tool for job shop applications that demand versatility across many different materials.  Please watch this video for the WIDIA VSM490. 


10/27/17 Update: WIDIA releases new 10mm insert suitable for smaller cutter diameters.  This will help lower the cost of the inserts for our customers who do not need the larger 15mm insert.  







WIDIA VSM11 Shoulder Mills


WIDIA has released an entirely new milling platform that uses the VICTORY insert technology.  Many edge preps and grades are available for all materials.  The VSM11 will also have standard PCD inserts from their subsidiary CLAPPDICO.  Inserts made in America. 





WIDIA NOVO: Machining Cloud


WIDIA is now active on the Machining Cloud Network.  Please reveiw this video presentation concering the new tools available to you from WIDIA for online ordering.  Also be sure to contact WISC about our customizable online ordering website called CAW (customer application website)  



WIDIA VARIMILL II ER (For High Feed Milling)


Ron West, WIDIA Global Product Manager for Solid End Mills, discusses the benefits for the new WIDIA VARIMILL II ER endmills.  ER standing for Eccentric Relief.  These tools are meant to provide greater reliability in difficult to machine materials.  Call WISC for your performance guaranteed test tools today




WIDIA Releases NOVO application


NOVO provides the digital power to get information quicker than ever before. The result is the benefit of knowing that you have the right tool to do the job.  Here is the link to the WIDIA NOVO WEB APP


WIDIA VARIDRILL For General Purpose Drilling Applications


See the new WIDIA VARIDRILL performing in multiple materials.  These tools come with an advanced drill point that is very free cutting.  The VARIDRILL was also designed with a proprietary cam relief feature on the OD of the tool to reduce friction in the hole.  This is a great drill for genereal purpose drilling applications in a wide range of materials




WIDIA RUBIG Deep Hole Drilling 30XD DOC


Please review this exciting update from the WIDIA Group.  The WIDIA RUBIG H104Z Drills, found in the WIDIA Solid End Mills & Holemaking Catalog, are top performers in deep hole drilling applications.  We encourage you to call WISC for a performance guaranteed test!  This video will show the proper technique for using the H104Z Drills.


UPDATE 2019: These are now relabeled as WIDIA TDD Drills (Top Drill Deep Hole). See these drills in the WIDIA 2017 MASTER Catalog



GTD VARITAP: General Purpose Taps


WIDIA GTD releases their new HSS tapping series for use in multiple materials called the VARITAP.  The base materials, coatings and grinds have all been updated for superior performance.  And this tool will be manufactured in the United States by American workers.  Watch as one VARITAP is used to process holes in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Cast Iron!




WIDIA M200 Revolutionary Double Sided Round Insert


The WIDIA M200 milling cutters are setting benchmarks in the industry for reducing costs and increasing productivity.  The M200 is capable of running high feed passes  profiling  ramping and face milling with 12 cutting edges per insert.  This is a great multi purpose tool with inserts for all materials.  Try this cutter in your applications today!



WIDIA VARIMILL II 4XD Length of Cut Endmills


Please review WIDIA's new update for the VARIMILL II line with extended length of cut capability.  Watch this tool flying in high speed finishing passes at 4XD LOC





WIDIA has released a new line of turning inserts called the VICTORY Series.  Entirely new chipbreakers and coating technologies help increase metal removal rates and extend tool life in every material.





WIDIA now offers the KM quick change system for their standard line of tool holders.  Recent additions to this product line include more selections and also Devibe Boring Bars.  Conatct WISC today to learn the benefits of these KM Quick Change Holders




WIDIA HANITA XFEED Endmills for Hardened Steel


Please review this video comparing the difference between the MRR (metal Removal Rates) of the XFEED cutter versus a standard ball nose endmill and also a standard 4 flute radius endmill.  The XFEED is a clear winner in materials up to 70 HRc!






Now available for machining Stainless Steel and High Temp Alloys.  See video link below for machining Titanium at high feed rates. 





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